About Us!

ruru. studios was founded in 2021 by Liss and Linda - with the intention to revolutionize the jewelry buying experience in Switzerland.

We, Linda (left) and Liss (right), are best friends, crazy cat ladies and science enthusiastic girls from Zurich, with a passion for new fashion trends. Especially during our student days, we are always looking for high quality jewelry at an affordable price... unfortunately with little success. We noticed that the jewellery prices in Switzerland are enormous and the selection rather limited. 

The result of our frustration: ruru. studios

ruru.: the name ruru. was inspired by our cat ravioli. In search of a catchy name, she lay next to us and started purring “rrruuurrrruuu”. We both adore cats so we named our brand after something we both love and cherish. 🐱

studios: the primary reason for our online store was to provide a long-term platform for carefully selected personalities or brands to offer their beautiful products: An online concept store with handcrafted products by real people, people, who want to sell their beautiful creations but don't know how to do so. We strongly believe that everybody deserves to do what they love and receive the attention they deserve. And if we one day could have the chance to help someone or many by doing so - that would mean the world to us!



Our duty is to create timeless and modern collections of jewelry that complete your outfit for every occasion. We want to complete your look with handmade high-quality pieces at an affordable price point because looking fashionable doesn't have to be expensive. And let’s be real, shopping consciously will never go out of style. That’s why we work together with small ateliers that handcraft beautiful jewelry under fair working conditions with recycled materials.

Our catchphrase: Mix & Match! Express your individuality and personal preferences through a unique combination of our handmade pieces. If you need any help while choosing your perfect Mix & Match Combo, just write a message in the chat function or slide into our DM’s on Instagram. We love to help you with all of our hearts, and it is really important to us, that you are able to connect with us. The shared joy of fashion and the positive energy of our lovely customers give us the drive to keep hustling and grow our brand.

When you buy ruru. you can be sure that:
  • all jewels have been made by hand under fair working conditions
  • you pay a reasonable price for real silver and gold-plated jewelry
  • you support our vision of a platform for other beautiful people and their creations


We have chosen to have our jewelry made in a small atelier in Guangzhou. The reason behind is that Linda's mother tongue is Chinese and she has been in touch with the owner of the atelier for years. This way we can offer you an affordable price and actively support fair working conditions by sourcing our jewelry from a trusted partner. We are very lucky that we have such a strong bond with the owner of the atelier in China. Even throughout the pandemic, we were always able to connect, work on new designs together and inspire each other to great ideas! We know that there are places in China that have really bad working conditions that break our hearts. It is, therefore, all the more important for us to have a close relationship with our colleagues. As soon as the pandemic regulations allow, we would like to visit the atelier in Guangzhou again and look forward to showing you more insights on how the jewelry is made.


We at ruru. believe that nowadays every business should contribute to its sustainability. We are aware that the fashion industry is doing enormous damage to the environment and our climate. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to have a high demand for sustainability.

That’s why we only use recycled packaging materials as well as recycled Sterling Silver for all our beautiful pieces. In addition, we pack our jewelry in sustainably made and vegan 2-in-1 jewelry pouches! Use it as:

  • safe storage for your favorite pieces while traveling
  • a polishing cloth to bring your jewelry back to shine.

Even in the early days of our brand, we were always mindful of choosing the sustainable alternative. Whether our products and packaging are all made from recycled materials, or we use our profits to do something good for the environment. We are currently working on finding heartwarming projects that we would like to support. And you will soon be able to do so as well!

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