Our mission


High-quality and fair – this is ruru. We want to complete your look with jewelry selected by us. We make sure that all jewelry is made of high-quality materials and is still affordable, because looking fashionable doesn't have to be expensive. And to be honest, shopping consciously never goes out of style.

When you buy ruru. you can be sure that:

  • all jewels have been hand tested and packed in Switzerland

  • you pay a reasonable price for real silver and gold coated jewelry

  • you support fair labor conditions in China and climate neutrality


Did you know that China is also known as “the factory of the world”? Many items in your household are made in China and that's not because you don't consume consciously. It is a fact that China has built massive production facilities for western countries because local production sites are usually not lucrative - neither for the employees nor for the customers.
We have actively chosen to have our jewelry made in China. This way we can offer you an affordable price and actively support fair working conditions in China by sourcing our jewelry from trusted production facilities. This is only possible, because we maintain a close and trusted relationship to our suppliers. We ensure that all jewelry from ruru. is made under fair labor conditions. With that in mind, we support China Labor Watch (www.chinalaborwatch.org) with every single sale we make, to critically monitor labor conditions in various Chinese factories and draw attention to the ones which need help. Together we can responsibly consume wonderful and fair products made in China.


climate neutrality

We at ruru. believe that nowadays every business should contribute to its own climate neutrality. We are aware that the fashion industry is doing an enormous damage to the environment and our climate. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to have a high demand for climate neutrality. We are right now working on finding a suitable partner to support various CO2 compensation projects. And you will be able to do so as well ! More details will follow soon.
We always keep our eyes and ears open and continue to exchange information with other institutions and organizations that we can support. If you know of an organization or institution that urgently needs support in these matters, please contact us: info@ruru.studios.com.
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